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Montano Valtr s. r. o.
Semice 329, 289 17 Semice
Czech republic

Tel.: + 420 325 568 362
Tel.: + 420 325 568 363
Fax.: + 420 325 568 374

Ing. Vladimír Štencl

Semice operations manager:
Miroslav Hauser

Ostrá operations manager:
Ing. Richard Benko

Trávčice operations manager:
Martin Čech

Seeds manager:
Jiří Jareš
+420 602 419 575

Montano Valtr

The tradition of garden production goes back to the 1930s in our region. In 1979, the Collective agricultural business for the production of vegetables was founded, which began to systematically engage in garden production. The companies Montano Valtr s.r.o. and Zahradnictví Litol s.r.o. were established on the basis of the Collective agricultural business.

To begin with, both companies were mainly engaged in the cultivation of vegetable seedlings and additionally the cultivation of cut flowers in the summer and autumn periods.

With the reduction in vegetable cultivated areas in the Czech Republic and the growth in cultivated areas which both businesses had gradually built up, it was necessary to find new cultivation ways.

From 2005, the businesses began to specialise in the production of potted and bedding plants. In 2010, the businesses farmed on a total of 10 ha of covered areas and 7.5 ha of open cultivated areas. Total production reached a level of 140 million CZK. Plant production was responsible for 80% of total turnover, with young plants production at 20%. The business is also engaged in the sale of vegetable seeds.


Montano Valtr
Montano ValtrSkleník Ostrá – Nově vybudovaný areál Ostrá 3,2 ha
Montano Valtr
Montano Valtr
Montano Valtr
Montano Valtr
Montano Valtr
Montano Valtr
Montano Valtr
Montano Valtr
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